Adrenal and Stress Support – Adrenal Benefits™

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Unique combination of ingredients, included B Vitamins and Vitamin C to support energy production, adrenal function and endocrine balance .

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Adrenal Benefits™ is a dietary supplement to support adrenal function, energy levels and endocrine balance.* This botanical and glandular combination product is geared toward supporting adrenal function by supporting healthy energy levels, HPA axis and endocrine balance, as well as by nourishing the adrenal glands themselves.

Stay Calm During Everyday Stress*

Maintains a healthy stress response*

  • Optimizes adrenal function*
  • Promotes good energy levels*
  • Supports a rejuvenating sleep pattern*
  • Helps to replenish vitamins depleted by stress*

Do you feel worn out, nervous, and unable to cope with the demands of everyday life? You’re not alone. The modern person faces endless challenges, both at work and at home. Financial stress and news about the latest disaster or political situation can also take a toll on your peace of mind. Adrenal Benefits™ from DaVinci® Laboratories can help.* This dietary supplement helps to calm jittery nerves, improve sleep, and boost energy by supporting the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which is the body’s stress-response system.* Adrenal Benefits™ contains vitamins, botanicals, and adrenal glandulars that support adrenal gland health and endocrine balance.*

Combat Everyday Stress and Enhance Energy*
Adrenal Benefits™ ensures that the adrenal glands produce the right amount of cortisol, the stress hormone.* Adrenal Benefits™ delivers
the powerful adaptogenic botanical, Eleutherococcus senticosus to support adrenal function so you’ll have the energy, stamina, and mental endurance to sail through life’s challenges.* Adrenal Benefits™ also contains bovine adrenal cortex and whole adrenal glandular. By supporting overall adrenal function, these ingredients can boost energy and maintain immune system wellness.*

Help Replenish Vitamins Depleted by Stress*
Your body’s adrenal glands use more vitamin C when you’re stressed.* Adrenal Benefits™ includes a clinically proven form of vitamin C known as PureWay-C™.1 Published research shows that this type of vitamin C outperforms other forms in absorption and retention.*

Adrenal Benefits™ also includes folate and vitamins B5, B6, and B12, a synergistic combination of bioavailable vitamins that work better together than alone to maintain adrenal gland health.* Vitamin B5 is necessary for the body to convert glucose to energy.* Vitamin B6 supports the HPA axis and healthy levels of cortisol.* Patented MecobalActive™ Vitamin B12 is purer than other forms and plays a role in the release of cortisol as well as the sleep-wake cycle.*

Adrenal Benefits™ is recommended for:

  • Calm composure under stress*
  • People who feel “wired and tired”*
  • Promoting good mood and emotional balance*
  • Helping boost energy and endurance*
  • Supporting restful sleep and circadian rhythms*
  • Counteracting the afternoon energy slump*

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily, or as
directed by your healthcare practitioner

Warning: If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner
before taking this product.