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Are you suffering from low testosterone, hormone imbalance, or just feeling depressed or anxious? Our exceptionally talented and experienced team at PRIME Medical Group is ready to help. We offer customized hormonal therapy programs and other clinical and med spa services including In-Home TRT treatments. Get started today and get back to your PRIME!

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Customized weight loss plans for women and men designed specifically to your individual goals.
Increase your focus and concentration by targeting vitamin and hormone imbalance.
Boost your energy and mood while bringing your body back into balance.
Hormone therapy can help to improve metabolism giving you more energy and aid your body in losing weight.

Depressed? Anxious? It could be a hormonal imbalance. We can help improve and balance your emotions from within.

We want to help you address the underlying causes of your inability to sleep well.

Customized Therapy Programs

PRIME Medical Group creates a customized therapy program based on your individual goals. Once evaluated, we guide you through a personalized treatment protocol addressing issues such as low testosterone, hormone imbalance, excess weight, and inflammation.

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Increased muscle strength and mass
Decreased cholesterol levels
More energy, stamina, and endurance
Improved sexual potency and frequency
Better protection against heart disease
Enhanced overall mood
Improved concentration and memory
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Reduce body fat
Regulate fat metabolism
Regulate cellular metabolism
Increase glucose clearance
Reduce fat accumulation
Protect liver
Critical for normal heart function
Aids with immunity
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Help eliminate underlying causes
Individualized treatment regimen
Several treatment options
Highly-trained physicians
Proven results
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Slow down the aging process
Glutathione liver cleanse
Injectable MIC fat flush
Gender specific multivitamins
Essential amino acids
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Reduces body fat
Increases energy and vitality
Increases strength and endurance
Strengthens the heart
Improves sleep quality
Increases calcium retention
Accelerates healing
Increases bone mineralization
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Flushes toxins out of the liver
Fights oxidative stress in the body
Increased metabolism
Improved liver detoxification
Better & stronger hair
Better sleep
Improves exercise performance
Reduces fatigue
Increase endurance
Increases lean muscle mass
Much more...
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In-Home TRT Now Available!

Do you prefer that we visit you instead of visiting one of our three Chicagoland TRT clinics? No problem, we’ve got you covered with In-Home TRT in Chicago! Testosterone replacement therapy is now available within the comfort of your own home. Our licensed medical professionals will visit your Chicagoland residence to help you get started with your personalized bloodwork and low T treatment plan. Get started today from the comfort of your own home!

We Support Our Military and First Responders

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PRIME Medical Group’s Hormone Replacement Therapy program has helped hundreds of combat Veterans and First Responders restore a positive quality of life both mentally and physically.

Rejuvenate and

As a central aspect of men’s and women’s health, hormones play a key role in balanced emotions, energy, metabolism, and more, especially as we age. PRIME Medical Group is comprised of experienced professionals who are committed to rejuvenating men and women along their anti-aging journey.

Clinical Services

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Whether you are suffering from a dehydration, migraines, or sleep abnormalities, IV therapy is an effective treatment process.
Melt fat away with Methionine, Inositol, Choline with Vitamin B12.

Med Spa Services

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Fadeaway Medical Group is Chicago’s premiere wellness and anti-aging destination.
Red light therapy is a form of therapy that delivers energy to cells by applying a range of visible and invisible wavelengths of light.
Choose an hour or 1 and 1/2 hour session with our Certified Massage Therapist.
The health benefits of a zero gravity massage chair can be wide ranging and have the ability to help with everything from circulation, hormonal imbalance to improving your posture.
Compression therapy means using compression socks, stockings, boots, or bandages to apply gentle pressure to the leg.

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