Joint Support – Natural Flex (90)

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Mobility-promoting formula combines four effective ingredients including glucosamine and chrondroitin sulfate to support healthy joint and connective tissue function.

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A dietary supplement to support connective tissue and joint functions.* Chondroitin -4- and -6- Sulfates are two classes of glycosaminoglycans that are found in joint cartilage and aid in lubricating and hydration.* Glucosamine is a natural amino sugar that is the starting point for the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans-the core of connective tissues such as collagen, bone matrix and mucous membranes.

A glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin -4- & -6- sulfate supplement to support joint and connective tissue functions.*

Natural Flex:

  • Provides building blocks that help maintain structural integrity, flexibility and resiliency of connective tissues.*
  • Supports joint hydration and cushioning by supporting the
    uptake of water into the cartilage matrix.*
  • Contains nutrients that are naturally found in connective
    tissues like cartilage, tendons, ligaments, intervertebral
    discs, collagen, bone matrix and mucous membranes and are
    extremely safe to use.*
  • Contains well researched ingredients that work together to
    support mobility and joint comfort.*
  • Is an easy to swallow capsule.

Glucosamine is:

  • Necessary for production of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).*
  • A building block for proteoglycans.*
  • Moved quickly into the joint to support hydration and to
    maintain the thick gelatinous nature of the synovial fluid, give
    shape, elasticity and rigidity to connective tissues, and tissues in and around the joints and in between the vertebrae.*
  • Provided in the sulfate form which provides a great source of
    sulfur for joint health.*

Chondroitin -4- and -6- Sulfates are:

  • GAGs found in joint cartilage that aid in lubricating and rebuilding processes.
  • Purified from Bovine Tracheal Cartilage which comes from
    U.S. pasture-fed cows that are hormone-free and certified
    BSE free.*
  • Purified so they are more bioavailable and can be absorbed
    quickly into the joint where they are needed most.*

Vitamin C

  • Is a powerful antioxidant that supports connective tissue
  • Supports the production of collagen.*
  • Is essential for the growth and repair of all the tissues in the

Manganese is an essential mineral that supports many enzyme
controlled reactions. In fact, it is required for the enzyme glycosyltransferease, which is essential for the formation of collagen,
GAGs, and proteoglycans that are all components of cartilage.*
A lack of manganese can lead to inefficient production of GAGs
in the joints.*

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule,
three times daily with a meal, or as directed by your healthcare

Contains: Shrimp and crab.

Warning: If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare
practitioner before taking any nutritional supplement.