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Balance Emotions

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

Are you or have you experienced a foggy mind, depression, memory lapse, and/or anxiety? Did you know that these are just a few symptoms of hormone imbalance? Your bodies hormones are extremely powerful and in most cases, help keep your body working normally.

The word hormone has been derived from the ancient Greek word “hormôn”, which means to set in motion, and that’s exactly what hormones do within the body. They excite, stimulate, regulate and control various functions of tissues and organs.

Hormone Therapy Can Balance Your Emotions

However, from time to time, an imbalance may occur within your body and make it very difficult to balance your emotions. Also, as we age, our bodies hormone production alters, which leads to many of the reasons why our emotions become unbalanced. Our main goal at PRIME Medical Group is to understand what is actually going on inside of your body in order for us to further determine the ways we can improve and balance your emotions from within.